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The new portal is live. It contains, information on the various offerings and lot’s of links to trials, etc. If you are a Microsoft Partner (or want to become one) do check out the Partner section.

Please notice that the Microsoft Online offering for companies with less than 5000 seats is still beta only and focused on the US … If your company has more than 5000 seats there’s nothing that should hold you back wherever you are …


Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

Peter is gedreven door de eindeloze mogelijkheden die technologische vooruitgang biedt. Met een scherp oog voor het herkennen van oplossingen waar anderen slechts problemen zien, is hij een expert in digitale transformaties. Peter zet zich met volle overgave in om individuen, teams en organisaties te begeleiden bij het ontwikkelen van nieuwe vaardigheden en het implementeren van innovatieve oplossingen.

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  1. Can anyone provide me with a Microsoft Online Services Beta Trial contact information (telephone # / e-mail address)? The portal web page has displayed the same error for weeks:
    “Services are currently unavailable. Please try again later.”
    I registered our company for the trial, and I received an e-mail from MS saying we’re in the queue for such trial, but that’s been weeks if not months ago. I cannot find any contact info on for this beta trial, nor is such info posted to the MS e-mails for this trial.
    How do I find out our status of participation in this trial?
    I apprecicate your help.

  2. Terry,
    I can’t help you with that, I’m sorry.
    Latest I’ve heard is that the response to this beta is overwheleming, which could mean it will take longer for people to get a response.
    If I learn more I will post it on my blog ..

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