Coca-Cola Enterprises Inc. Announces Migration to Microsoft Collaboration Suite

This is a very cool (ice cold) reference to have. If I am not mistaking Coca Cola is a  Lotus Notes Domino shop … Now moving ’to the cloud’ to Microsoft’s new

Business Productivity Online platform






ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Coca-Cola Enterprises (NYSE: CCE) today announced that it will begin using Microsoft’s integrated communication and collaboration tools across its organization.

The use of Microsoft Office suite, SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Office Communications Online and Live Meeting for Web and video conferencing will integrate CCE’s communication and collaboration capabilities and improve its speed, flexibility and effectiveness. This integrated platform will combine technologies by connecting software and internet services through Microsoft Online.

“To become the best beverage sales and customer service company, we must drive efficiency and effectiveness throughout our company while significantly increasing opportunities for collaboration among employees, customers and suppliers,” said John F. Brock, president and chief executive officer. “By working with a world-class leader like Microsoft, we can continue to drive innovation throughout our organization and more effectively address the complexities of today’s global business environment.”

“Coca-Cola Enterprises operates in an environment where better collaboration and communication can deliver a real strategic advantage,” said Bill Gates, chairman, Microsoft Corp. “By providing the flexibility to manage software over the Web or from servers managed on-site, Microsoft Online will help Coca-Cola Enterprises drive greater efficiencies and enable employees to connect to each other more effectively than ever before.”

Coca-Cola Enterprises is the world’s largest marketer, distributor and producer of bottle and can liquid nonalcoholic refreshment. CCE sells approximately 80 percent of The Coca-Cola Company’s bottle and can volume in North America and is the sole licensed bottler for products of The Coca-Cola Company in Belgium, continental France, Great Britain, Luxembourg, Monaco, and the Netherlands.


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  1. I blogged the same thing a few days ago. Turns out it is Coca-Colas bottling company not the Coca-Cola beverages. So from what I could gather no migration from Notes/Domino/Sameitme/Quickr etc.

  2. Carl,
    Thanks. Maybe I was misinformed, I will ask but I’m pretty sure they also run Notes.
    I even found this customer quote on the IBM website :
    “We praise IBM and Cisco for working together to drive integration of these core capabilities . . . ”
    –Coca Cola Enterprises
    so they must be doing someting with the Lotus platform today or in the past …
    Anyway the most important thing is they chose Microsoft 🙂

  3. @ Ian,
    Thanks for this overview Ian.
    You are right that this concerns Coca Cola Enterprises Inc, as it says in the title of the post.
    As it seems you are much better aware of their international organsiations structure than I am.
    I am not claiming that Coca Cola is moving, but I understand that 2 companies with the same name creates confusion. As far as I know Coca Cola is not mpving off of Notes (yet).
    Nevertheless, my conclusion is based on the link I’ve included is that CCE Inc is on Notes and is migrating. Call it a stretch, but its a start 😉

  4. Peter,
    Just to clear up a misconception about the Coca-Cola Corporation.
    The Coca-Cola Company (the founding Coca-Cola Company) generates it’s primary operational revenue from the sale of syrup to a network of partially owned anchor bottlers operating as distributors throughout the world. The Coca-Cola Company also own a minority share in these anchor bottling companies in different regions throughout the world.
    CCE (Coca-Cole Enterprises Inc.) is the largest anchor bottler in the US and also operates in parts of Europe.
    The second largest distributor in the US is the Coca-Cola Bottling Coy.
    Coca Cola FEMSA operates is an anchor bottler in a number of Latin American countries.
    The Coca-Cola Hellenic Bottling Company is the anchor bottling company in Greece, Russia and many of the former soviet block countries.
    Coca-Cola Amatil is the anchor bottler for Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia, Korea, Fiji & PNG.
    So the claim or insinuation that Coca-Cola has dropped Lotus Notes and switched to Microsoft is based on what?
    One of a global network of bottling distributors taking on some Microsoft collaboration products.
    Come on Peter, even for you that’s a bit of a stretch isn’t it.

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