The "Nifty Fifty"… "The Fantastic 40"…"Only Fourteen ?"

100% credit for Lotus who a long long time ago introduced the “Nifty Fifty”. A set of easy to use / easy to adapt application template that address many different needs of end users.

More recently Microsoft introduced 30 application templates for Windows SharePoint Services, which in the new version (WSS V3) turned into “The Fantastic 40“. 40 application templates with very broad functionality.

The Microsoft Application Templates did catch the attention of IBM people and the Notes community in general, as they are a good way of getting organsiations started. There was some speculation in the Notes community (Carl, Rocky Oliver) if or when IBM would introduce something like the ‘Nifty Fifty” again.

Well the long awaited happened … IBM is introducing 14 application templates for Quikr, their revived / redecorated version of Quickplace. Maybe 14 is just a start, or an indication of lack of creativity ? Hardly a distinctive offering these days.