Windows Vista Media Center : I came, I saw, … I upgraded

In all these months of Windows Vista availability, I still had not found the time and guts to upgrade our Windows Media Center to Windows Vista.

Let me explain before you all give the answers for me πŸ™‚

  1. Time
    Or rather I should say priority. It wasn’t a priority as the MCE running on Windows XPSP2 workes fine for alsmost 3 years now. No flaws, no hick ups, nothing.
  2. Guts
    Yes I have faith in our products, however in the 3 years, or I should say after the 1st two weeks, the MCE has grown into a must have instead of a nice to have feature.
    If for some reason an upgrade would fail or the machine would become unreliable, well that would cause an issue. This is also the reason why I chose not to participate in any dogfood programs  prior to the RTM release on this ‘ production’ machine.

The process : insert DVD … upgrade …. run. Flawless. No driver issues, no trouble with DVD encoders, etc, just flawless.

The upgrade most certainly is worthwhile with regards to the enhanced UI which is extremely nice in The Music interface (much better overview of catalogue) and also the TV Guide, which when in full screen plays the (recorded) TV in the background …

We’re running Windows Vista Ultimate (Dutch) and not only I am happy (this does not take much) , but the whole familiy is happy :-). Maybe it’s just because the TV still works, or maybe its the new cool features in Windows Vista … I think its the latter one πŸ˜€


Disclaimer : this is not an April Fools day post πŸ™‚