BPOS, Windows Azure, Dynamics CRM Online, Windows Intune … See the trend ? #msonline

Windows Intune, the latest Cloud Service from Microsoft,  is released today :

Windows Intune, which launches today at the Microsoft Management Summit (MMS) in Las Vegas, makes it possible for IT professionals to provide PC management and security services to their organization or client over the Internet – at a low monthly cost, said Rich Reynolds, general manager of Windows Commercial Marketing.

“If you have a PC and can connect it to the Internet, it can be managed and better protected with Windows Intune – and that’s a benefit for IT and for end users,” Reynolds said. “It’s a solution for customers of all sizes, especially those with a lightly managed or unmanaged PC environment.”

Subscriptions to Windows Intune are available now for purchase in 35 countries, or users can “try before they buy” with a free 30-day trial, he said. Paying Windows Intune customers also receive upgrade rights to Windows 7 Enterprise and future versions of Windows, ultimately giving PC users the best productivity experience with their Windows PC and helping IT lower support costs by standardizing on a single version of Windows. Subscribers also have the option of adding Microsoft Desktop Optimization Pack (MDOP) tools, which will include two new updates announced today: Microsoft BitLocker Administration and Monitoring, and Diagnostics and Recovery Toolset.

The inclusion of the Windows 7 IT features makes Intune “a very compelling package,” Reynolds said.

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Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas
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  1. Peter,
    I don’t see the trend. I see a trend with BPOS, Azure, CRM Online.. but that’s it.
    I guess I don’t understand the Windows Intune thingy.

  2. Aad,
    Thanks for commenting ! 🙂
    The trend is as you state in the various products that, after being introduced are expanded or in the case of BPOS will get a supreme successor.
    The overall trend I (tried to) hint to is the fact that gradually but steadily all relevant Microsoft “on premise” products get an online version in the form of a cloud service. i.e. Microsoft keeps expanding its cloud services in essential area’s such as the mangement of mobile and PC clients.

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