Burton Group: Why Is Governance Pain So Common With SharePoint?

Governance is important not only for SharePoint, but for any information management system. All in all the list that Graig summs up is not that negative on SharePoint …

… Governance problems have plagued all sorts of websites, but in my experience they seem to come up disproportionately in SharePoint installations.  In researching and writing my new document "Website Governance: Guidance for Portals, SharePoint, and Intranets" (slated for publication in March) I wanted to figure out why that is.  Here is what I found out about why SharePoint has proven to be particularly vulnerable to chaos when ungoverned: …

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… This doesn’t mean that SharePoint cannot be governed.  But they do point to the importance of creating a statement of governance early in the planning cycle for SharePoint.  While some large SharePoint deployments rise above all these problems, it is rare and difficult for them to do so without a governance structure in place. …

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Source: Why Is Governance Pain So Common With SharePoint?

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