I have a RedFly

No this is not an aillness …

The Redfly is an awesome companion to my Palm Treo Pro (or any Windows Mobile device for that matter).


It is basicly a Netbook without storage, powerfull CPU, etc. An “empty” device which connects to you MObile device and acts as a Remote Desktop …

  • Battery Life : 9 hrs +
  • Possibility to connect external devices via 2xUSB and 1xVGA
  • Charge you mobile device via USB

I did notice that the price increased again, that had a discount until last week. As the price is around that of a Netbook I expect they will drop the prices …

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

Peter is gedreven door de eindeloze mogelijkheden die technologische vooruitgang biedt. Met een scherp oog voor het herkennen van oplossingen waar anderen slechts problemen zien, is hij een expert in digitale transformaties. Peter zet zich met volle overgave in om individuen, teams en organisaties te begeleiden bij het ontwikkelen van nieuwe vaardigheden en het implementeren van innovatieve oplossingen.

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  1. A nice concept.
    But doesn’t Microsoft have a similar application you can install on a netbook or notebook with there functionalities? I really like the concept, but I would prefer to use my netbook or notebook for this purpose in stead of buying a new device.

  2. Jeroen,
    Sure there are several option to make a ‘regular’netbook / laptop the ‘remote control’ of your mobile device.
    The difference is that the Redfly has a battery life of 9+ hours, no local software except for some comms software, so it requires zero maintenance, etc.

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