Notes or Exchange? Let’s put an end to those creative statistics

Volker Weber (Vowe) challenged the people providing statistics on the global email systems used in the top 150 or so largest corporations. He has set up a wiki. Feel free to join in …

Ed asked yesterday: I don’t see why you are constantly dismissive of the number of customers stat. The answer is simple. Statistics that seem to contradict each other make me curious. So let’s put an end to the discussion how many of the worlds largest corporations use Notes or Exchange. …

Source Notes or Exchange? Let’s put an end to those creative statistics

Update 26-6-2008

As I would like to “jump into the discussion” with regards to updating the wiki, I thought it would be good to list my assumptions here because the wiki doesn’t allow much room for discussion / interpretation :

  • I make additions/changes based on information that can be externally validated; either though a casestudy or another online publication.
  • Only public information, meaning that an organisation who is not (willing to be) a reference or has not ‘gone public’  with their decision on teir primairy mailplatform remains open for me. I would like to see public reference also for the accounts that are ‘ calimed’  to be Notes
  • This is about the primary emailplatform / corporate standard email platform right ? So in that context the Domino aplication legacy is not part of the discussion in my opinion.