Forrester: SharePoint Success Will Take a Village


With the introduction of Microsoft Office SharePoint Server (MOSS) 2007, Microsoft moved SharePoint well beyond its traditional roots in portal and collaboration. SharePoint now includes broad, robust middleware capabilities. Achieving business value with SharePoint investments requires methodical strategic planning to minimize risk and maximize potential benefits. This requires information and knowledge management (I&KM) professionals to reach out and work with numerous other roles within the organization, and likely requires additional new headcount.

Source: SharePoint Success Will Take a Village

I haven’t read the report itself but the summary includes a couple of ‘open doors’ I would say.

  • SharePoint is a platform that ofcourse requires proper planning for implementation, just like any other implementation …
  • This requires professionals that may very well be additional headcount depending on the functionality, scale, complexity of the platform being implemented.
    Did I say already that Microsoft offers SharePoint Online ? Maybe not the right fit for all implementations, but it certainly addresses some of the “issues”  raised …