Domino or Exchange wiki?

For 3 days the Domino or Exchange ? wiki is up. In this short timeframe a huge collaborative effort has resulted in more insight into what the ‘ Fortune 175’ are using as their primary email platform.

Below is a snapshot of the result so far (27-6-2008 16h15) and bare in mind that this is still work in progress.


(graph update d27-6-2008: As Paul Mooney made clear the previous graph was “misleading” see comments)

As this is data in a wiki, everyone is free to add / alter / delete information and the outcome is … democratic ..

So stuff that needs to be sorted is :

  • N? or E ?
    Its one or the other.
  • M (=MIX) 
    This is an organisation that uses both platforms for email. I would argue that not both platforms are equal in size and that the 80/20 rule applies.
    Maybe a good suggestion is to find out what the corporate standard is as defined by the CIO office / corporate IT department.

    Second criteria/interpretation maybe Domino applications used. If this is an overview related to email the Domino apps and the related usage of Notes/Domino is not relevant. Or add an additional column that indicates Domino Apps.

  • ?
    That’s the challenge to find out aparently.

I will put my suggestions forward and see what becomes of them ..