Domino or Exchange wiki?

For 3 days the Domino or Exchange ? wiki is up. In this short timeframe a huge collaborative effort has resulted in more insight into what the ‘ Fortune 175’ are using as their primary email platform.

Below is a snapshot of the result so far (27-6-2008 16h15) and bare in mind that this is still work in progress.


(graph update d27-6-2008: As Paul Mooney made clear the previous graph was “misleading” see comments)

As this is data in a wiki, everyone is free to add / alter / delete information and the outcome is … democratic ..

So stuff that needs to be sorted is :

  • N? or E ?
    Its one or the other.
  • M (=MIX) 
    This is an organisation that uses both platforms for email. I would argue that not both platforms are equal in size and that the 80/20 rule applies.
    Maybe a good suggestion is to find out what the corporate standard is as defined by the CIO office / corporate IT department.

    Second criteria/interpretation maybe Domino applications used. If this is an overview related to email the Domino apps and the related usage of Notes/Domino is not relevant. Or add an additional column that indicates Domino Apps.

  • ?
    That’s the challenge to find out aparently.

I will put my suggestions forward and see what becomes of them ..

    Peter de Haas
    Peter de Haas

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    1. Peter, I’m not interested in getting into an argument, but to me, and to be honest, it looks like your graph is misleading.
      The M? and E? is in with the E, but the N and the N? is in separete columns. This makes it look like E has more, when in fact it has been honestly questioned in the wiki (hence the e?).
      We are all trying to keep this honest and open – from a reader’s perspective, I would think that you may be trying to scew the stats. Please rethink the layout.

    2. Paul,
      Yes I now see it. Please understand that it is not my intention to pull such a trick. I wanted to make a point that this is a messy overview altogether because we’re still in the midst of defenitions ..
      Aparently for some companies Notes? instead of Notes is used as the platform. I will change that for the graph but it also needs to be fixed on the wiki moving forward

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