Docsyncer is no more

It’s very hard for companies in such a ‘narrow niche’. Maybe Docsyncer was hoping to be acquired by Google …

Thank you for your interest in DocSyncer. Our service will be shutting down on June 20th, 2008. All current users can continue to access and use the service until that time.



DocSyncer – the company that allowed users to sync desktop documents with Google Docs has closed its doors

On the surface this appears surprising – DocSyncer had established a strong user base, having accumulated over 6 million documents since its launch last October. It had become the web’s largest contributor to Google Docs.

So what was the cause of death? DocSyncer CEO Cliff Shaw says that the company simply couldn’t find a viable business model – a point that became obvious when the company presented at the Under the Radar conference earlier this year.

Furthermore – and likely more lethal – the company also faced the looming threat of Google creating its own syncing service. This is one of the biggest risks faced by companies wanting to developed tools or services on Google Apps/Docs.

The management team has begun work on a new photo site called picstreem, and is currently seeking funding.