Mobile IM Adoption Forecast Europe: 2007 To 2013

Interesting statistic. 2013 is a long long time in the future I personally expect the mobile (what is the definition of mobile ?) share of IM to be either bigger than 24% or replaced by a new means of communication all together …

European mobile operators are launching mobile IM services, with mixed results among the different operators. But by the end of 2013, as many as 24% of mobile consumers will be using mobile IM services. To achieve that number, mobile operators have to get over their fear of brand erosion and SMS revenue cannibalization. Product managers will need to work on device usability, enable SMS interoperability, provide flat-fee IM packages, and market IM services by using Social Computing energy. In the long run, IM and presence services will integrate better with handsets’ native applications and other services.

Source: Mobile IM Adoption Forecast Europe: 2007 To 2013
“Niek van Veen”
Date Published: Fri, 18 Jan 2008