Forrester: The Content Management Market Goes Mini-Vertical

One one hand the ECM market is rapidly commitising. In the recent years  affordable ECM platforms which can (and will) be deployed organsiation-wide have changed the landscape. Many acquisitions followed. Some of the ‘ECM incumbants’ (and maybe some new entrants) (re) focus on niches …

… Fragmentation and blurry boundaries among offerings create big challenges for enterprise content management (ECM) tech marketers to distinguish their products. How are enterprising ECM vendors standing out?

Forrester did some digging and learned that a number of ECM tech marketers are focusing on much smaller pieces of big industries like financial services, big segments like retail banking, and niche industries like real estate and construction that are ignored by the rest of the market. By making ECM easy for small businesses to buy, vendors can capture market share in these overlooked industries. …

Source: The Content Management Market Goes Mini-Vertical
Author: “Ellen Carney, Barry Murphy”
Date Published: Mon, 05 Nov 2007 05:00:00 GMT

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Peter de Haas
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