Proposion Software releases three new editions of Proposion Portal Migrator

Proposion Software provides a number of migration tools for organisations who want to move form a Lotus Notes Domino environment to the Microsoft platform

Proposion Portal Migrator for Notes
Proposion Portal Migrator for Notes (formerly known as Proposion Portal Migrator) is the industry-leading migration tool for migrating IBM Lotus Notes to Microsoft SharePoint 2007 (WSS and MOSS).  This easy to use tool allows you to migrate all of your Notes / Domino application content, including rich text, attachments, embedded images, document metadata, security constructs, and much more.  Reusable data definitions, transparent intermediate XML file formats, and scriptable batch processing allow you to tune the overall migration process to the needs of your organization. 

New features for release 4.0 includes InfoPath form generation, migration of embedded OLE objects,  and much more.  When used in conjunction with Proposion SharePoint Services (see below) this release also adds access to remote SharePoint servers and preservation of DocLinks (before, during and after migration).  All existing licenses and maintenance and support agreements for Proposion Portal Migrator 3.0 will  apply with Proposion Portal Migrator for Notes.  In particular, Proposion Portal Migrator 3.0 customers current on maintenance and support will be entitled to upgrade to Proposion Portal Migrator 4.0 for Notes at no additional charge.  If your agreement has lapsed, please contact for information on how to renew.

Proposion Portal Migrator for QuickPlace
Proposion Portal Migrator 4.0 for QuickPlace allows users to readily map and migrate Lotus QuickPlace site content to SharePoint lists and document libraries.   This release delivers the same level of high quality and advanced features that Proposion Portal Migrator for Notes customers currently enjoy and adds full support for navigating and extracting content from any QuickPlace.  Both standard and custom place types are supported and customers have the option of migrating rich text, attachments, discussion threads, calendars, custom fields, user lists and document level security.

Proposion Portal Migrator for Domino.Doc
Proposion Portal Migrator 4.0 for Domino.Doc allows users to migrate Lotus Domino.Doc content to SharePoint lists and document libraries.   This release delivers the same level of high quality and advanced features that Proposion Portal Migrator for Notes customers currently enjoy and adds full support for the migration of Domino.Doc content stored in Libraries, Cabinets, Binders, and more.   Portal Migrator for Domino.Doc also includes many advanced features for preserving document versions, checkout status, security settings and more.

Proposion SharePoint Services
Proposion SharePoint Services is a new product that extends SharePoint 2007 (MOSS and WSS V3) servers with additional services that facilitate an organization’s integration and migration requirements as they transition from Lotus Notes and Domino to the Microsoft platform.  The product currently consists of two components that are designed to work with the Proposion Portal Migrator 4.0 product family as well as the new Proposion On Demand product:

  • The Import Service repackages the “import” functionality of Proposion Portal Migrator and exposes it as a web service.
  • The Link Tracking Service ensures that Notes DocLinks continue to work before, during and after the migration process, regardless of the order of document migration.

Proposion On Demand (in beta)
Proposion On Demand is an amazing new product that enables Lotus Notes users to connect with Microsoft SharePoint directly from their desktops. From their Notes client, users can effortlessly archive or migrate Notes content including emails and other documents. This functionality will be available via LotusScript and can be easily incorporated into any Notes / Domino application. Users simply click the destination button or drag and drop the document into the appropriate destination folder.  The following business scenarios are examples of how Proposion On Demand can be utilized:

  • For user-based migration of Notes content to SharePoint.  
  • As an integrated document management solution between Notes and SharePoint.

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