Guy Creese: Google Apps, Premier Edition Report Out

Guy Creese is the Burton Group analyst who wrote the report on Google Apps in the Enterprise which I referred to in an earlier post.

I am a Guy Creese fan eversince he coined the term ‘SharePoint Train’

Guy also mentions other sources next to the InfoWorld article I highlighted.

More importantly the report is available through Burton Group (registration required) as highlighted in Guy’s blogpost. Enjoy …

My 55-page report on Google Apps, Premier Edition (Google Apps in the Enterprise: A Promotion-Enhancing or Career-Limiting Move for Enterprise Architects?) came out several days ago, and the press has decided it’s a newsworthy story. (You can get a free copy of the report here.) Interestingly, I came out with an equally in-depth report on SharePoint 2007 in January and that didn’t even elicit a yawn.

Articles about the Google Apps report include:

Blogs posts about it include:

Source: Google Apps, Premier Edition Report Out
Author: gocreese
Date originally published: Fri, 24 Aug 2007 14:57:01 GMT