Guy Creese : EMC’s Getting Out of the Way of the SharePoint Train

Guy Creese is an analyst at Burton Group who focusses on Enterprise Content Management. I came across his blog through a post by Peter O"Kelly, one of his colleagues. I was immediately triggered by the title of the post. "The SharePoint Train" surely says it all. SharePoint has great momentum and huge adoption in the enterprise. Addressing solution area’s such as Enterprise Content Management with such an impressive partner eco system makes Microsoft simply an awesome company to work for :-).

Guy gives some good insights as to why the "SharePoint Train"is not a negative phenomanen, but the forces of EMC Documentum and Microsoft SharePoint combined bring in fact a unique and very powerful solution :

    • …Users will be able to use the Office 2007 and SharePoint 2007 user interfaces as ways to put content into the Documentum repository. All of a sudden, users — especially casual users — won’t have to go to Documentum training to use the Documentum system.
    • EMC Documentum will be creating a set of Web Parts to integrate search, workflow, and content between Documentum and SharePoint.
    • There are two deployment options. Companies can use the Office/SharePoint UI to put documents into Documentum only, or can put documents into both SharePoint and Documentum. …

Guy’s post also has a nice closing paragraph promise for the near future. Temptive to do some highlighting. I look forward to your report Guy …

I’m currently writing a Burton Group report on the impact of Office/SharePoint 2007 within the ECM space. Since it’s a work in progress I haven’t yet figured out everything I’m going to say. But certainly one finding will be that it’s clear that the Microsoft Office/SharePoint 2007 train is roaring down the tracks, and ECM vendors will be trying to figure out how they can jump on the train — or at least leap out of the way.

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