Windows Mobile gaining ground over BlackBerry in US Army

This is a very good first step in this account. I expect with the new Windows Mobile 6 OS that perhaps certain encrytion solution still required by the US Army may become obsolete in certain configurations, as Windows Mobile 6 supports Information Right Management also in the mobile email client …

… Until recently, Army employees accessing sensitive e-mail messages on the Global Information Grid had to use BlackBerry wireless devices from Research in Motion Ltd.

“Now I have a choice,” said Lt. Col. C.J. Wallington, the Army’s advanced technologies director at Fort Belvoir, Va.

In February, the Army approved Sensa secure mobile e-mail from Appsware Wireless, doing business as Apriva, for use with sensitive-but-unclassified and for-official-use-only e-mail. The approval makes available to the Army a host of personal digital assistants from multiple carriers running the Microsoft Windows Mobile operating system.

Sensa provides public-key encryption-Secure Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions encryption for e-mail and attachments using the 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard. It supports the Defense Department’s Common Access Card (CAC) and soft tokens stored on the device for authentication, signing and encrypting. In addition to securing transmissions, it includes ApprivaVault for encrypting data stored on the device. …

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