Larry Cannel / CollaborationLoop: We’re ready to buy a Tablet PC, but can’t find one!

… I recently started using Microsoft OneNote 2007 and really like it. Previously I used a combination of several disjoint techniques and tools to handle task, information, and personal knowledge management but so far OneNote seems to provide a much simpler experience and has some powerful capabilities for organizing “my stuff”. This exploration led me to re-evaluate the role of Tablet PCs in my life and, subsequently, the lives of my children. Our two middle-schoolers have nearly outgrown their current desktop computers and my wife and I were starting to talk about their future computing needs as our oldest daughter enters high school this fall….

Source: CollaborationLoop

Good example of the use of OneNote. I have blogged about it several times: OneNote is one of my most favorite applications. Ever since joining Microsoft, a little over 3 years ago I started using OneNote on a TabletPC and I have not used pen and paper since for creating Notes, doing desk research, etc.