InformationWeek : More on the Yankee report : Exchange growing marketshare due to "continuing migration away from legacy systems from Novell and IBM"

InformationWeek also did an article on the still not yet released Yankee Group report about the email market. It contains some additional insights and some nice quotes by Yankee analyst Laura DiDio.

… “Some say, ‘We don’t need all the functionality in Exchange,’ but you’re not going to find unified messaging or integrated security or voice access for just as cheap in Linux,” DiDio says. “You may need three to five packages or build something customized” to get the kind of functionality you find in Exchange. DiDio cites a 5,000-end user New York City media company that will stick with Exchange because it estimates higher costs to support and make feature-ready an open source e-mail platform.

Even if Microsoft loses a significant portion of its existing Exchange customers to open source, there’s a chance it could maintain or even grow its market share with new potential customers coming online all the time in the developing world and a continuing migration away from legacy systems from Novell and IBM. “The pie is not static,” DiDio says. …


This puts things in a slightly different perspective already. The ” legacy systems from Novell and IBM” will loose marketshare to Exchange due to the continuing migration. Thanks for clarifying Laura 😉