Collaboration Loop : Desktop Videoconferencing – Users’ Perspective

Over on Collaboration Loop, S. Ann Earon has posted a good article on Desktop Video Conferecing. referring some market analysis. The results of that research is very positive with 93% of the respondents saying they plan to more widely implement desktop video conferencing. Makes you wonder where are the laptops / tablets with integrated video / voice ? Will this become mainstream to further feed this technology adoption ?

… Desktop videoconferencing is now being used by many organizations, but still only trialed by others who feel they haven’t worked out all the issues with group videoconferencing and are concerned about an organization-wide roll-out of desktop video.  The results of a recent surveyed conducted by TRI, in which responses were received from over 500 users of desktop videoconferencing, indicate that 93% of the respondents plan to implement desktop videoconferencing units for more than a pilot, although 43% will be doing so in a yet to be determined time frame. 
Customers are clearly interested in desktop videoconferencing and those who are using it or have trialed it have definite opinions on what is needed in the marketplace.

Desktop videoconferencing is viewed by customers as convenient and easy to use.  They like the personal nature of the technology and that they don’t have to leave their office.  Being able to collaborate on documents was a real plus to 72% of the respondents, several of whom indicated that document sharing was the true benefit, not the video….

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