Carl Tyler’s question on Microsoft’s UC strategy

Carl Tyler posted a short post on IBM Lotus SameTime 7.5 with some reference to Microsoft’s RTC strategy and I felt the need to comment / clarify something. For some reasons I can not comment on the site …

Well I’ll just post my comment here and find out why things aren’t working later ….

This was the intended and short comment :

“Will Microsoft start promoting LCS as just IM against Sametime, the way they promoted Outlook as just email against Notes? ”
No ofcourse not. LCS, Like SameTime is much more than IM (you knew this already ) Microsoft’s Unified Communications Strategy is quite well covered in the press / blogs over the last 6 months and much of it is well replicated in SameTime 7.5 if you ask me.
Office Communications Server, LCS’ successor is just around the corner. Things have only started …

O, and just in case you are one of the few people that did not notice Microsoft has a UC strategy, here’s a good reading list for you :

Microsoft’s Unified Communications Strategy and Roadmap Webcast

Microsoft Unified Communications Strategy VPR: Press Materials

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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  1. Hi Peter, not sure why you can’t comment on the site. Do you get an error?
    I obviously am very aware of what Microsoft is doing in this area.
    For some customers though, IM may be all that they want…

  2. Carl,
    No worries, I suspect my coComment add-in is playing tricks …
    I do not agree with you conclusion by the way on companies only wanting IM. At least the way Microsoft is driving RTC solutions is based on presence (awareness in IBM terms. Presence is beyond IM and triggers any form of RTC, IM is just one of them. I do agree that IM is maybe most familiar, but nevertheless, once we’ve demo-ed the Microsoft platform ‘just IM’ seems a silly solution all of a sudden 😉
    Do follow our movements in the UC space, there is so much more to come in the coming months when we release Microsoft Office Communications Server.

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