Carl Tyler’s question on Microsoft’s UC strategy

Carl Tyler posted a short post on IBM Lotus SameTime 7.5 with some reference to Microsoft’s RTC strategy and I felt the need to comment / clarify something. For some reasons I can not comment on the site …

Well I’ll just post my comment here and find out why things aren’t working later ….

This was the intended and short comment :

“Will Microsoft start promoting LCS as just IM against Sametime, the way they promoted Outlook as just email against Notes? ”
No ofcourse not. LCS, Like SameTime is much more than IM (you knew this already ) Microsoft’s Unified Communications Strategy is quite well covered in the press / blogs over the last 6 months and much of it is well replicated in SameTime 7.5 if you ask me.
Office Communications Server, LCS’ successor is just around the corner. Things have only started …

O, and just in case you are one of the few people that did not notice Microsoft has a UC strategy, here’s a good reading list for you :

Microsoft’s Unified Communications Strategy and Roadmap Webcast

Microsoft Unified Communications Strategy VPR: Press Materials