Microsoft Unified Communications Strategy VPR: Press Materials

A lot of information around the UC announcement by Microsoft later today (09:30 PST today) is already available :

Live WebcastY

ou can virtually attend the event by watching a live webcast, which will begin at 9:30 am PDT, June 26.

Feature Stories

Press Releases

Fact Sheets

Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 (.DOC file, June 2006, 80 KB)

Microsoft Office Live Meeting (.DOC file, June 2006, 77 KB)

Microsoft Office Communicator 2007 (.DOC file, June 2006, 76 KB)

Microsoft Office RoundTable 2007 (.DOC file, June 2006, 79 KB)

Microsoft Speech Server (.DOC file, June 2006, 43 KB)

Microsoft Speech Server (.DOC file, June 2006, 53 KB)

Quote Sheets

Microsoft Unified Communications Group Industry Partner Quote Sheet (.DOC file, June 2006, 29 KB)

Microsoft Unified Communications Group (.DOC file, June 2006, 40 KB)

Case Studies