Leading VoIP Providers Outperform Regular Phone Carriers

Cool to see Windows Live Messenger as part of this study …

Keynote System’s third VoIP competitive intelligence study revealed that overall VoIP quality has improved across the board since Keynote’s last study in December 2005 and that the leading VoIP providers have actually surpassed PSTN (traditional phone service) in overall audio quality, but still lag behind PSTN in audio delay.
Twelve leading VoIP providers are part of the study that includes AT&T, Comcast, Lingo, Packet8, Skype, SunRocket, TimeWarner Cable, TrueVoice, Verizon, Vonage, Vonics and Windows Live Messenger. In order to benchmark and rank the quality of consumer VoIP services, Keynote measured the relative performance of the leading VoIP providers in the New York and San Francisco markets, including digital cable, adapter-based VoIP (hard phone) and PC-based software (soft phone) services, as well as the performance of leading VoIP providers against PSTN service in those cities. Keynote then rated the leading VoIP service providers on critical performance factors that influence the end-user experience using Keynote Voice Perspective(R), which is Keynote’s VoIP quality test and measurement product.

Source : Voiploop.com