Gartner: Migrating From Lotus Notes/Domino to MS Office System Needs Careful Planning

IBM clients with a good business case for moving customized, rich applications to Microsoft should plan carefully. So, consider retiring Lotus Notes/Domino systems from 2010, but only if Microsoft makes migration easier.

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Unfortunatly this is a report you have to buy if you’re not subscribed to the Gartner service. Based on this small clipping I conclude the following :

  1. Ofcourse you need to carefully plan a migration. For example on the Domino application side you need to analyse / rationalise you current applications and determine your mid to long term ‘retirement plan’for these apps. 2010 maybe the retirement date, but planning, containing the application platform should start as soon as possible considering Gartner is discussing customized / rich applications.
  2. Gartner Group positions Microsoft Office System against Lotus Notes/Domino. Simply because the Lotus Notes/Domino vs Exchange discussion is not the right context (for the last 3 years now).
  3. This is about Lotus Notes/Domino to Microsoft migrations; yet another confirmation that this is the dialogue / decision maiking process a lot of organisations are in at the moment
  4. Microsoft and its needs to put more effort into optimising / facilitating the migration process better.