Is there an interest in testing Office 2007 Beta 2 ? Yes there is

200.000 downloads in 24 hours, wow !.
When you have the chance please give it a try, I’ve been working with Office 2007 for quite some time now and to be honoust previous version have been rough. I now run Beta 2 on my production machine and it is great. Even the overly dicussed learning curve for the new user interface is more a small step than a big hurdle.

So don’t believe everything you read, find out for yourself. Dowload Microsoft Office 2007 Beta 2 now.

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In the first 24 hours since going live, Microsoft counted 200,000 downloads of Office 2007 Beta 2. While the company provided no estimates of how many users it expected to try the new release, Microsoft officials said they were excited by the numbers. BetaNews alone pushed over 5,500 downloads of Office 2007.

We’ re seeing a ton of interest in the 2007 Office system Beta 2," a company spokesperson told BetaNews. "200,000 downloads in the first 24 hours! We’ re thrilled to see our customers are as excited as we are for this big milestone. Not all was smooth sailing, however, as the rush to download left some users complaining about “server busy” errors and slow speeds.