George Ou: Busting the myths of Email outsourcing

George Ou’s shares some nice insights into Email OUtsourcing over on his blog on ZDnet :

When David Berlind suggested that 90 percent of businesses can’t justify insourcing their Email and therefore should outsource their Email instead, it kicked of a firestorm of debate inside and outside of our ZDNet blogsphere when JMJames who recently started blogging for our sister site took David to task. Our own Phil Wainewright compared running an Email server in-house to doing your banking in-house and concluded that “most people in favor of keeping Email in-house are simply prejudiced”. Our own Dion Hinchcliffe suggested that running an in-house Email system is the same as running your own in-house electric power plant. Speaking as someone who actually builds Email servers, I’m going to have to bust some of these myths. ….

Check out the whole article :
(Thanks Joris for highlighting this post 😉 )