Butler Group: Red herring and bull?

Ed Brill quoted an article by Butler Group, which addressed the discussion around the Red Bull introduction. It also highlighted some findings of some research they did in the email market ..10% of the organisations using Lotus Notes plan to migrate away from Lotus Notes / Domino to Microsoft Exchange …

In Butler Group’s End User Survey (EUS) on e-mail undertaken in December 2005, the use of Microsoft Exchange and Lotus Domino was even across the survey group, with each accounting for 60% of deployments. This indicated that around 10% of mainly large organisations have both products in use – often as a result of mergers and acquisitions. Indeed, 14% of the survey group said that they operated two corporate e-mail systems, and one company had five different systems in use.

Around 40% of the organisations questioned said that they had e-mail migrations or significant upgrades planned. A quarter of these were planning to migrate from Lotus Domino to Microsoft Exchange, and 8% were planning to migrate from Microsoft Exchange to some form of e-mail appliance.

The whole article on the Butler Group Weblog