RSM McGladrey – Services Firm Switches to Microsoft Collaboration, Cuts Costs and Improves Productivity

A wholly owned subsidiary of H&R Block, RSM McGladrey is a major consulting firm that offers financial and business services to midsized companies. After years of growth, the company’s aging IT infrastructure was ill-suited to its mobile in-the-field work force. Communication and collaboration products, based primarily on IBM Lotus Notes/Domino, were cumbersome, and employee productivity suffered. In late 2005, RSM McGladrey switched to a collaboration solution based on integrated Microsoft® products. The company also began migrating its Notes applications to Microsoft technologies, including the Microsoft .NET Framework. Now, the more centralized IT infrastructure is simpler to manage and supports flexible application development. Employees collaborate effectively through applications that are easier to use, resulting in higher productivity and saving the company millions of dollars.

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