LG PM70 Portable Media Center

hmm.. maybe I’ll trade in my Creative device … especially the combination of Portable Meda Center functionality and PIM is quite nice. What’s still missing …wireless network ..browser would be nice

Just announced! The LG PM70 Portable Media Center offers a vast 4.3″ color display and a large storage capacity, so you can take your favorite digital media with you. Download recorded TV shows from TiVo Series2 or feature-length movies from movie major studio Web sites, and watch them on your Portable Media Center or a TV. Or, use the video record feature to make your own movies. Take advantage of automatic Personal Information Manager (PIM) synchronization with Microsoft Outlook® to access your e-mail, contacts, and calendar. Listen to your favorite music and download album art from online music providers. Create impressive photo shows set to music, or enjoy interactive gaming with integrated audio for Microsoft Xbox 360™. Available Spring 2006