Collaboration Loop: The Evolution of OpenText

Good article from David Coleman over on Collaboration Loop. The partnership with Opentext is a very good example of leverage of the Microsoft platform and a strong solution for clients.

OpenText ( under the strategic leadership of Tom Jenkins has evolved from a document and archive management firm to a serious player in the collaboration space. With their new strategy we at Collaborative Strategies believe that they are a good vertical counterpoint to Microsoft’s horizontal play in this space. …

…There are a number of “elephants” in the collaboration space, and Microsoft is one of them. Rather then being on the dance floor with these behemoths, OpenText has wisley decided to work with Microsoft and add on to what they are currently offering. Microsoft is seen as a “horizontal” collaboration play. As it turns out, OpenText found that about 60% of their 20 million users also use Microsoft desktop applications and SAP. So OpenText did deals with both of these “elephants.” To the features found in Microsoft desktop applications and SharePoint, OpenText offers a search engine, archiving engine, portlets and case management. Partnering with Microsoft gives OpenText access to the 800 million users of Microsoft desktop applications….

[Via Collaboration Loop]