Ferris on SharePoint and ECM

Much activity around an opinion of David Via of Ferris about SharePoint and it’s Enterprise Content Management capabilities. I haven’t categorised it as Market Analysis because it is nothing more than an opinion with some unsubstantiated arguments. It is funny to see however how fast this is picked up by the IBM community as a (little) stick to hit with.

I think Bil Simer commented best to it. I hope people read his blog, because it seperates the facts from the FUD. There is more and far better market analysis out there on Microsoft Collaboration vision and platform comparing it to the other peers in the market. Check out my Market Analysis category to find the details with links to the actual reports.

For perhaps a more balanced view on the Enterprise Content Management market than Ferris’, take a look at Gartner ’s reports on this topic. The report Basic Content Services Will Give You Better Content Management Choices gives some highlights and links to other (paid) content. It addresses the question what is Enterprise Content Management to start with …