Reminder : Webcast: unlock Lotus Notes using Microsoft collaboration technologies

Cliff Reeves blogged a reminder and some detail about the upcoming webcast. Its a must for organisations who run Notes to better understand how their environment can interoperate with the micorosft platform :

Jim, Gary and I will take a four step approach:

  • simplify the problem, by breaking collaboration into its component parts
  • identify and describe the major collaborative products from Lotus and Microsoft
  • call out the most common integration questions. For example: “I’ve got a great Notes app. How do I get its data into SQL Server for analysis and reporting?”
  • answer each of the customer questions as straightforwardly as possible. The answers will be straightforward and will range from “You can use these technologies together, but you’d be better off picking one …” to “here are practical ways to make these technologies work well together …”

Check out Clif’s post here