The Genesis of Presence: The Good, the Challenges and the Breakthroughs

There have been many exciting new developments in the telecommunications industry, including voice over IP (VoIP), voice over 802.11 wireless LAN and 3G mobile technologies – to name a few. But perhaps none have the power to fundamentally re-shape the way business is conducted more than presence-driven collaboration solutions, especially when these real-time presence tools are tied directly to day-to-day workflows, business processes and business applications.

Real-time presence applications were developed to solve the complicated collaboration challenges faced by modern, information-based organizations: helping workers – both individuals and teams –communicate, share ideas and swap important information quickly and more efficiently – especially when issues are enterprise-critical and in need of immediate attention. As a result, presence gets a lot of attention among business leaders. But these same executives wonder: “While it’s great to be able to reach everyone, I’m not sure I want to be this accessible. If everyone knows my immediate presence status, how in the world will I ever be able to manage my already limited time?” …

[Via Collaboration Loop]