Open Live Writer – Finally a followup of my favorite blogwriter tool

For many years (and not so much the last years) I have been using Microsoft’s Windows Live Writer as my tool for write=ing blogs. Simply because it was a ‘no hassle’ easy to use tool that just worked. Ever since 2012 Microsoft ended support for Windows Live Writer, but you were still able to download and install it from the Microsoft website.

I often switch PC’s so doing new installations has become a habit. Afster some time I was no longer able to install Windows Live Writer, most likely because of some incomaptibilities in Windows 10 or something else I was no longer willing to investigate …

This morning I thought let’s give the Windows Store a try and there it was. The open sources version of WIndows Live Writer : Open Live Writer :


Because I stoppen looking for it, it may have been there for quite some time, but who cares. I am a happy man Smile

Now I will ‘force’ myself to get back into blogging shape. I have so many things I want to write about …