Vergelijk #Evernote vs Microsoft #Onenote : Applicaties voor het maken van aantekeningen en (veel) meer

Computerworld publiceerde al weer een tijd geleden een goed vergelijk tussen Evernote en Microsoft Onenote, dé applicaties voor het maken van aantekeningen op je pc, laptop, tablet en smartphone. Ik zeg een goed vergelijk, niet omdat Microsoft Onenote er als winnaar uitkomt (spoiler : Evernote wint met kleine voorsprong), maar omdat het de discussie eindelijk is in een goed perspectief plaatst; namelijk wat deze applicaties eigenlijk allemaal bieden. Dat is veel meer dan alleen maar tekstinvoer van aantekeningen ..

Among the many options for storing information digitally, the biggest players in the note-taking software market are OneNote and Evernote. These applications come in handy for taking notes, making lists, managing projects, storing and organizing information, and sharing it with others.

OneNote has been part of Microsoft's Office suite since 2003. It emulates the way a traditional binder works, with pages of notes organized into sections and stored in notebooks. OneNote is unique in that it allows you to add content anywhere on the page. Sadly, it is not included in the Mac version of Office, but Microsoft has released mobile apps for iPhone and iPad.


Evernote opened to the public in final form in 2008, and it has since grown quickly to 20 million users. Evernote can store all kinds of information in notes, including Web clippings and attached files as well as audio and video notes. With desktop apps for Windows and OSX, full-featured mobile apps for Android, iOS, Blackberry, and WebOS, and a strong Web app, Evernote's best feature may be its cross-platform compatibility. It's also free, with extra features for users who sign up for a $45/year Premium account.

Both Evernote and OneNote cover the basics of organizing and storing information, but each goes about it in a different way. I have both programs installed on my desktop, laptop, Windows tablet, iPad, and Android phone (I do have to use a third-party program to access OneNote on the Android phone), and both applications play an active role in my writing and teaching.

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