My Bing News on Facebook

Do you spend a lot of time in Facebook?  If so, Bing has just released a new app that can get you caught up on the latest news, follow trends, and set up your own categories to keep you up on all the latest, all from within Facebook and powered by Bing.

To try it out, just install the app, which will then appear in your list of apps on the left hand sidebar within Facebook, and check it out:

bing news facebook

As you can see, you can easily set up your own news categories, or just check “Everything” for the latest news.

We have to say, this is a really good looking app, although it may be buried a bit within Facebook.  Still, if we remember, we’ll be checking out the latest Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 news whenever we check in on the latest cat pictures on our Facebook Timeline!

Source : My Bing News on Facebook