Windows Live Blog: 90% less spam in Hotmail, 15% less spam on the Internet

Today I came across this very nice price info. It clearly shows how much impact Hotmail has on the market and in this case also how it influences the reduction of spam on the internet overall.

Way back in 2006, Hotmail had a big spam problem, and we got a deservedly bad reputation for it. Since then, we’ve made amazing advances, and over the last few years, we’ve wrestled the spammers to the ground. Here’s a chart that shows the amount of Spam In The Inbox (SITI) for Hotmail users over the last several years, compared with the amount of spam on the Internet (expressed as a percentage of all email that is sent on the Internet).

Percentages of spam on the internet and in Hotmail

The chart shows two things:

Hotmail keeps spam out of your Inbox
We’ve reduced the level of spam in Hotmail by 90% since its peak in 2006. Since last year, we’ve reduced what was left by another 40% (from 5% true SITI to 3% true SITI).

We’ve helped to reduce overall spam on the Internet
The percentage of spam on the Internet has actually declined 15% from its peak in 2008, due to a number of factors including the legal and technical disruptive action Microsoft has helped drive in the prosecution of spammers and the takedowns of botnets used to send spam. Botnets – collections of people’s malware-infected computers covertly operating under the remote control of a cybercriminal – are often used to send spam (and commit other online crimes). This video explains a little more about how botnets are used to send spam.