Gartner: The forthcoming Public Cloud IaaS Magic Quadrant

Gartner Group is creating a new magic quadrant for ‘Public Cloud IaaS ..

… Despite having made various blog posts and corresponded with a lot of people in email, there is persistent, ongoing confusion about our forthcoming Magic Quadrant for Public Cloud Infrastructure as a Service, which I will attempt to clear up here on my blog so I have a reference that I can point people to.

1. This is a new Magic Quadrant. We are doing this MQ in addition to, and not instead of, the Magic Quadrant for Cloud IaaS and Web Hosting (henceforth the “cloud/hosting MQ”). The cloud/hosting MQ will continue to be published at the end of each calendar year. This new MQ (henceforth the “public cloud MQ”) will be published in the middle of the year, annually. In other words, there will be two MQs each year. The two MQs will have entirely different qualification and evaluation criteria.

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Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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  1. Hi Peter! Having worked for AT&T I understand they’re marked as ‘leaders’ by Gartner. I see they (Gartner) have their perspective of IBM. I do not see Microsoft in this story. Did I miss anything?

  2. H Wouter, thanks for commenting !
    The MQ linked is the “old version” is my understanding. The blogpost of Gartner refers to the fact that they will soon be releasing a new version.
    I do not know if and how Microsoft Windows Azure is ranked in this new MQ. I do expect that Azure is on there .. let’s wait and see.

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