How important is your privacy?

The Microsoft Online Services blog features a great post of the contribution of Danah Boyd (Microsoft Research) to the SXSW event.

… Privacy is one of the biggest concerns for any online user. Danah Boyd is a social media researcher at Microsoft who investigates how privacy is used (and misused) online. She recently presented a talk at SXSW entitled “Making Sense of Privacy and Publicity” which addresses the following and more:

· Privacy is still a huge issue: Danah starts with dismissing quotes about the “death of privacy” from technology executives. Privacy is still very much a hot-button issue and examples are given about how breaches of privacy can hinder some online experiences.

· The Internet changes and so does your privacy: Have you noticed changes in some online services? Danah talks about the implications of companies automatically placing you into new services that may change your privacy settings.

· Social media: Social media and privacy are discussed in detail with examples of how Twitter, Facebook, and other social media sites handle issues of privacy.

· Privacy Fail: Her lecture also touches on many privacy foul ups, while providing deep insight to the real issues behind a “privacy FAIL.” …

Source : How important is your privacy?