Microsoft Online Services – Enterprise Network Services Overview #BPOS

This document describes the Microsoft® Online Services networking infrastructure components and security features that support delivery of all Online Services for the enterprise that use the Internet for transport. These include all of the offerings that are part of Microsoft’s Business Productivity Online Standard Suite (Exchange Online, Office Live Meeting, etc), Dynamics, CRM Online, and many others. The document is intended for network engineers and system integrators who work with Microsoft Online Services customers. (Dedicated offerings are covered in a separate downloadable document, Microsoft Online Dedicated Service Descriptions and Service Level Agreements).

The components and features that are described include:

  • Enterprise network architecture for Microsoft Online Services
  • Microsoft’s Internet connectivity
  • Network security Microsoft is constantly investing in new technologies, expansion, and innovation of its network infrastructure.

This document is updated regularly to reflect changes that are deployed to the network to support Microsoft Online Services.

Download @ source : Microsoft Online Services – Enterprise Network Services Overview