Whitepaper : Guidance for Microsoft Online Services Multinational Customers

A lot of Multinational organizations look at Microsoft Online Services as their next move to further standardize and optimize their infrastructure for Communication and Collaboration. This paper can be very useful in the orientation and planning phase of the service as it describes the effect of datacenter locations and effects like latency (delays) in the network, etc ..

This paper provides the tools and guidance around using Microsoft Online Services from multiple locations worldwide, both during an evaluation stage and after purchase, when Microsoft Online Services are introduced for the first time to the multinational company’s branch offices in different regions. This white paper describes the following topics:

  • How Microsoft Online Services data centers are selected for multinational companies, including some initial considerations for multinational customers during services sign-up in the Microsoft Online Services Customer Portal.
  • A Web application that customers can use to evaluate network connectivity to Microsoft Online Services data centers from their offices worldwide.
  • How to use the results from the Web application to understand end-user experiences with Microsoft Online Services. This is demonstrated through a fictitious multinational company scenario.
  • Recommendations on how to improve end-user experiences with Microsoft Online Services.
  • Checklist of recommendations for a multinational company to evaluate Microsoft Online Services.
  • Limitations of segregating multinational companies by geographic region to use Microsoft Online Services.

Downloadpage : Microsoft.com