Microsoft Live@EDU vs Google Apps for Education … student preference …

The Australian Catholic University has implemented a new Emailsystem based on on Microsoft Outlook Live.

Some background and most interesting the selection of this email system is based on experience with pilots of Google Apps for Education vs Microsoft Outlook Live (part of Microsoft Live @EDU). The is the student feedback based on actual use and not just some functions and features evaluation …

… In Semester 1, 2009, ACU National introduced a new Web-based email system for students, based on Microsoft Exchange and Windows (Outlook) Live Mail.


This new, modern and more user-friendly system will feature:

  • A Microsoft Outlook WebMail user interface including access to calendars, contacts lists and collaboration tools
  • Improved SPAM filtering
  • 10 GB of online mailbox storage space (100 times the previous 100Mb limit and double the standard Live Mail quota)
  • 20 Mb message size support (including file attachments)
  • Ability to share address book contacts and calendar information
  • No banner advertising – unlike ordinary free email accounts.
  • Web-based administrative tools
  • Support for 25 languages
  • "Email for Life" – ACU student email accounts will continue to be available for use after graduation, making it easier to stay in contact with classmates, colleagues and teaching staff. ….


source : Webmail Survey Results

Australian Catholic University is not the only university / school to recently implement Microsoft Live@EDU. Check out the recent press release on other institutions that recently implemented the service:

Adoption of Microsoft Live@edu Continues to Grow With Universities Worldwide

Education institutions worldwide embrace Microsoft Live@edu to enrich student experience, enhance learning outcomes and fuel productivity; new Microsoft Outlook Live delivers new e-mail functionality based on the popular Outlook interface. …

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Peter de Haas

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  1. Windows Live @ EDU is beeing used widely in Holland. Good news that an University examined functionality and came up with Live@Edu as the better solution.

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