Windows 7 on Netbook – Medion E1210

yesterday I did a clean install of Windows 7 Beta on the Medion E1210 Netbook.

As the Medion doesn’t have a DVD drive, I installed from a bootable USB memory stick containing the DVD contents.

The installation went very smooth and fast. I did not have to update one single driver and all internal devices work 100%.

What is a positive surprise as well is the performance. All apps worked very fast and ‘snappy’

Here’s a screenshot of the Windows Experience Index:


Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas
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  1. I stuck Windows 7 on my test laptop over the weekend. I was being pleasantly surprised by it. But not as surprised as today, after activating BitLocker to find that it messed up the security chip and now my laptop is hosed completely!!!

  2. False Alram!
    It was all very coincidental, but the problem turned out to be with my RAM slot. I just got a new motherboard installed and we back up and running. Just needed to insert the USB drive that has the copy of my bitlocker recovery key on it to restart it.
    Will continue exploring.

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