Peter O’Kelly: I am now a Microsoft employee

Peter O’Kelly (former) analyst at Burton Group has joined Microsoft. He has shared some of his reasons over on his blog. Point 1 I can relate to 100% :-).

Welcome Peter, it is very good to have you on board at Microsoft.

I’m psyched to announce that I have joined a new Microsoft team focused on enterprise collaboration optimization (i.e., communication, collaboration, and information architecture, for large organizations). It’s a great opportunity for many reasons, including:

1. Microsoft now has what I consider to be the best enterprise offering (software + services) set for communication, collaboration, and information architecture (e.g., content and data management). I’ve greatly enjoyed interacting with the related Microsoft product teams as an industry analyst/consultant over the last few years, and look forward to getting more involved with the product teams in my new role. …


… This blog isn’t going to change – it will remain a technology-focused news filter blog. …

Source: Personal update: I am now a Microsoft employee (kudos vowe)