New Information Worker Toolkit

Palm Treo Pro

This is certainly my week when it comes to the replacement of my toolkit at work.

First I exchanged my smartphone (HTC S730) for the new and o so beautiful Palm Treo Pro . This is really an awesome and very easy to use device. I like it more than the HTC Diamond; all the fancy things don’t work for me somehow … (must be my age)

This is the first Smartphone with PPC I’ve had in a long time, so having a touchscreen again takes some getting used to.

I really like the fact that this phone has it all : 3G, Wifi, GPS you name it.

Palm in The Netherlands is now represented by NOW-Mobile.


The second üpgrade I received yesterday was my new Tablet PC, the Lenovo X61T. “Who says Windows Vista doesn’t perform ..? “:-)

It is a small formfactor relative to the 15,4 or 17” laptop but its just the right device for me. Small and super super fast.

Also I’m sticking to the TabletPC formfactor. I’m using a TabletPC formfactor for almost 5 years now I have gone very used to writing on my PC and avoiding printing in almost every situation.

I can’t wait to start dogfooding Windows 7 …

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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