Microsoft Online Services compelling for organisations using Lotus Notes ?

Microsoft announced the pricing and partner model for the Business Productivity Online Services last week at the Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston.

The press release also features a number of new clients, and some of them are (or have been) quite large Lotus Notes / Domino users such as Eddie Bauer, Nokia and Avivia Plc …

Maybe Microsoft’s Online Services promises to be a good  accelerator for “Exchanging” customers …

Microsoft Unveils Pricing and Partner Model for Web-Based Messaging and Collaboration Services

…  Stephen Elop, president of the Microsoft Business Division, today announced new pricing, packaging and partner compensation details for Microsoft Online Services. Microsoft Corp. is introducing two new suites of subscription services as part of the Microsoft Online Services family. The new offerings are tailored to meet the needs of the entire work force — from employees who use a PC infrequently to information workers who require advanced capabilities.

“Today we are taking an important next step in delivering Microsoft Online Services, and we’re doing so with a broad set of Microsoft partners, that are crucial to bringing this solution to our customers,” Elop said at the annual Microsoft Worldwide Partner Conference in Houston. “Microsoft Online Services is a key component of the software plus services initiative, and we’re seeing customers, partners and even competitors embrace this flexible approach to the cloud.”

Microsoft Online Services delivers enterprise-class Microsoft software as subscription services to businesses of all sizes hosted by Microsoft and sold with partners, and include Microsoft Exchange Online, Microsoft Office SharePoint Online, Microsoft Office Communications Online, Microsoft Office Live Meeting, and Microsoft Dynamics CRM Online. …

Microsoft Online Services Momentum

Customer and partner interest in Microsoft Online Services remains high. Customers including Belay Development, Clean Power Research LLC, Cowan, Gunteski & Co., P.A., Eddie Bauer, Gunteski & Co. P.A., PFT-Medway and Transpara Corp have begun using the new services as part of a beta trial.

In addition, a growing number of large enterprises have chosen Microsoft Online Services for their messaging and collaboration needs, including A.P. Moeller-Maersk Group, Aviva plc, Doosan Infracore Co. Ltd. and Nokia. …

Source: Microsoft Unveils Pricing and Partner Model for Web-Based Messaging and Collaboration Services

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas

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  1. Peter, your subject for this blog post is dangerously deceptive. I don’t see any mention of these customers as having been or being Lotus Notes customers. Eddie Bauer, for example, was never a Notes customer. In other cases you mention, the use of Microsoft Online Services is not a displacement of Lotus Notes.

  2. Ed,
    You’re right in the fact that this press release makes no claims about these clients being a reference for being in the process of migrating off of Lotus Notes / Domino.
    My “claim” is more or less that the fact that the organisations I ‘highlight’ are or have up ’till recently been Lotus Notes / Domino users, which is public information that can be found on the Internet. I make the assumption that they are not going to implement the Microsoft platform for the sake of redundancy …
    I could be mistaking but when an organisation (Eddie Bauer) is requiring job applicants to have Lotus Notes experience, usually they run the product 😉 :,dcc0e7e2&FORM=CVRE
    Aviva Plc :;980797673
    As for ‘not a displacement of Lotus Notes’ we could argue. I’d say Lotus Notes is no(t) (longer) the primary platform for email and collaboration.
    We’ll have to wait and see if there will be any formal casestudies published to know for sure.

  3. Peter, I looked up whether they are a customer or not and couldn’t find any evidence, hence my surprise. Maybe I have a new sales opportunity 🙂
    At any rate, I feel like your headline is misleading. The word “move” is the operative word — neither you nor I know if they are “moving” anything from Notes or any other IBM technology. I don’t mind seeing my customers named as MS customers in press releases, but I take great exception to facts not in evidence being asserted.

  4. Ed,
    I do realize that it is not clear if all functionality is (in the process of being) ‘moved’. As I said in earlier comments, it is public information that these companies are or have been Lotus Notes / Domino users.
    I forgot a pointer to Nokia information in my earlier comment :
    “HP Services will manage internal communications systems such as Lotus Notes groupware and file print and sharing services for Nokia’s 60,000 global users. HP says it will be responsible for supporting those services and 3,000 servers in seven operation centers worldwide.”
    I do agree that the title is not factually correct. It is meant as a trigger, but I’ve changed it in something better for the both of us 😉
    With that I’ll use this blogpost as a placeholder untill we hopefully get the casestudies out should clients be willing to do this ofcourse.
    My point also being that the Microsoft platform, offered as a service, is another compelling argument for migration off of Lotus NOtes / Domino …

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