Microsoft to Help Disabled Access Office Documents


… Microsoft has released a software add-in to help those who have difficulty reading printed documents to turn Word documents into audio files.

The “Save as DAISY XML” add-in makes it easier to create audio books from text files, and was developed by Microsoft, Sonata Software, and the Digital Accessible Information System (DAISY) Consortium as an open-source project. It can be downloaded for free, and is compatible Microsoft Word 2007, Word 2003 and Word XP.

The add-in allow users to save Open XML-based text files as DAISY XML, which in turn can converted into the DAISY Digital Talking Book (DTB) format using another software tool, Pipeline, the latest version of which was also released Wednesday. …


I really like the fact that Microsoft’s approach to providing Office functionality is also focussed on disabled people.

This is a very good example of how OpenXML enables the creation of “DAISY XML”  a format that can be used to create a format to create audio books.

My wife uses a DAISY player for years now and it is an excellent device snd very easy to operate / browse trhough audio books …