New SharePoint tools help drive adoption

At the SharePoint Conference, Microsoft announced the availability of two new and exciting tools that help IT engage end users and stimulate SharePoint adoption:

  • Internal Buzz Kit: the kit provides sample materials to help customers kick off go-live communications and user training. It includes electronic files with demo videos, brownbag presentations, posters, training certificates, and guidance on how to run an ‘internal buzz campaign’.
  • GEAR Up: this online content tool inserts adoption in the broad context of phases in SharePoint implementations. GEAR UP includes the internal buzz kit, and also points to the training kit and Get the Point blog, released back in December. GEAR UP will help IT professionals and business managers find timely resources and guidance through phases of a typical SharePoint Server 2007 deployment cycle:
  • Get Ready: how to build a business case and win executive sponsorship
  • Engineer: resources to help with site design, capacity planning and governance
  • Adopt: recommended tactics and materials to both engage and train end users..
  • Release: build a community for ongoing support

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This collection of resources (GEAR UP, buzz kit, training, user hints blog, etc) help demonstrate to the public, our commitment to the millions of SharePoint  users. With methodic approaches, actionable tactical recommendations and sample starter materials, the tools also will help customers through the complex challenges in stimulating both technology adoption and change management.  



Internal Buzz Kit


training kit


Get the Point blog


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