Introducing Forrester’s Web 2.0 Framework

Forrester’s Erica Driver introduces a framework around Web 2.0. Somehow all these models look alike …

… One of my roles here at Forrester for the past year or so has been chief Web 2.0 cat herder. I’m by no means a Web 2.0 expert — I’ve just helped to coordinate our coverage. A large team of analysts has put our heads together to try to create a well-rounded Web 2.0 research agenda and formulate a consistent way to conceptualize and communicate about this giant hairball of a topic. We hope you’re seeing the results in our published research. Below is one result of our team meetings: a high-level Web 2.0 framework.


Source: Forrester Information and Knowledge Management Blog – Introducing Forrester’s Web 2.0 Framework

Peter de Haas
Peter de Haas
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