Forrester: How To Staff For Social Computing

Interesting point of view by Forrester: Social Computing requires specialist resources. I don’t necessarily agree. Look at how far millions of users have come on their own with Web 2.0 solutions out there like Linked-In, MySPace, Facebook, Hyves, etc. etc.

These types of solutions is exactly what users want and need within their organisation as well. Anyone or anything making the introduction / adoption of these tools more complicated, let alone someone who defines policies and rules will limit the adoption. I think we’ve ‘been there done that’ with Knowledge Management …

Don’t try to build and run social applications without the right staff. We’ve identified two key new roles needed for success: 1) the Social Computing strategist, who’ll lead the internal charge, and 2) the community manager, an external customer advocate. Working in tandem, these roles will align Social Computing programs with the business and ensure that community members are happy. Management should agree upon goals and then give the team latitude to get the job done —including embracing mistakes as new programs are tested out.

Source: How To Staff For Social Computing
“Jeremiah K. Owyang”
Date Published: Thu, 28 Feb 2008

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